Valencia bullfighting poster 2024

Programme of bullfighting events Valencia 2024

The posters for the Feria de Fallas are as follows:

  • Saturday 9 March 17h. Novillada with picadors. Young bulls from Chamaco for Alejandro Peñaranda, Samuel Navalón and Alberto Donaire.

  • Sunday 10 March 17h. Bullfight. Bulls from Victorino Martín, Fuente Ymbro, Pedraza de Yeltes, El Parralejo, Hnos. García Jiménez and Domingo Hernández for Román alone.

  • Wednesday 13th March 17h. Novillada without picadors. Young bulls of José Cruz for Juan Alberto Torrijos (Valencia), Víctor (Arles), Alejandro González (Albacete), Ian Bermejo (Castellón), Rafael de la Cueva (Madrid) and Valentín (Nimes).

  • Thursday 14 March 17h. Novillada with picadors. Young bulls from Fuente Ymbro for Niño de Las Monjas, Jarocho and Javier Zulueta.

  • Friday 15th March 17h. Mixed bullfight. Bulls of Carmen Lorenzo, Juan Pedro Domecq and young bulls of Talavante for the farewell of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Morante and Nek Romero.

  • Saturday 16th March 17h. Bullfight. Bulls of Victoriano del Río / Bulls of Cortés for Castella, Roca Rey and Pablo Aguado.

  • Sunday 17th March 17h. Bullfight. Bulls of Jandilla / Vegahermosa for José María Manzanares, Talavante and Roca Rey.

  • Tuesday 19 March 12h. Matinee. Bullfight. Bulls of Fermín Bohórquez for Sergio Galán, Lea Vicens and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.

  • Sunday 19 March 17h. Bullfight. Bulls of Montalvo for El Fandi, Paco Ureña and Emilio de Justo.
Triumphant bullfighter
Shows held

Virgen de los Desamparados Fair 2024

The traditional novillada to be held on the occasion of the Virgen de los Desamparados, included in the Fallas season:

  • Saturday 11 May 18:30h. Novillada with picadors. Young bulls of José Cruz for Manuel Caballero, Ismael Martín and a Valencian winner.

July Fair 2024

The bullfights of July in Valencia have not yet been confirmed.

You can make your request for information and advance booking by filling out this form. We will contact you as soon as the prices and official posters for the July 2024 fair are announced.

This form does not imply a purchase, it is merely informative.

Valencian Community Fair 2024

Bullfighting for the Festivity of the Valencian Community in the month of October with a star line-up in which Enrique Ponce will say goodbye. A day for the history of bullfighting in which the maestro from Chiva will give the alternative to Nek Romero, with Alejandro Talavante completing the line-up. In addition, two novilladas (bullfights with young bulls) will accompany this star line-up. One with picadors and one without picadors.

  • Saturday 5 October 18:00h. Novillada without picadors. Young bulls of Chamaco for students of the Bullfighting Schools of Valencia, Arles, Castellón, Albacete, Madrid and Adour Aficion.

  • Sunday 6th October 18:00h. Novillada with picadors. Young bulls of Rocío de la Cámara for Diego Bastos, Alejandro Chicharro and an outstanding Valencian novillero.

  • Wednesday 9 October 18:00h. Bullfight. Bulls from Garcigrande and Juan Pedro Domecq for Enrique Ponce (farewell), Alejandro Talavante and Nek Romero (alternative).


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Cartel toros Octubre en Valencia 2024

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