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Bullring of Valencia. Plaza de toros de Valencia


History of Valencia Bullring

The Bullring of Valencia is an indisputable point of reference in the city. Who has never meeting at its door? It is located in the commercial heart of Valencia between the North Station, Xátiva Street and a few meters from the Town hall square.

Before the bullring was built, the bullfighting celebrations were held mainly in the Market Square, in front of the Lonja. But in 1850 the governor Melchor Ordóñez ordered the project of a permanent bullring, which began to be built until 1860 and whose responsible architect was Sebastián Monleón. It was built as one of the largest bullrings in Spain, in neoclassical style and inspired by the Colosseum in Rome.

On June 22, 1859 a bullfight with Nazario Carriquiri and Viuda de Zalduendo bulls for the bullfighter Francisco Arjona Cúchares, was considered the official inauguration. But it was really finished in 1861 with a bullfight from the Duque de Veragua that Antonio Sánchez 'El Tato' fought.

The bullring is owned by the General Hospital of Valencia, although the Deputation manages it. Throughout time the bullring has gone through a war, becoming a prison and concentration camp for prisoners; a fire in 1946 that destroyed half of the bullring and a flood in 1957, which was the largest one that the Turia River had and caused the city of Valencia a change forever. To become the building we know today, it took three renovations, the last in 2010. It has three floors and an outside diameter of 108 meters.

This bullring has a special joy: it is one of those that make a short rest after the third bull for the public to snack, the band entertains the whole celebration with ‘pasodobles’ and never fail in Feria de Fallas or in July the best figures of bullfighting.


Bullring of Valencia. Seating chart

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Plaza de toros de Valencia

Map of the Bullring of Valencia

Second floor:
Asientos Naya 2ª
Graderia Naya 2ª
Silla delantera Naya 2ª

First floor:
Asientos Naya 1ª
Silla Delantera Naya 1ª
Sillón de Rellano

Tendido Filas 1-9
Preferente Filas 1-3
Contrabarreras Filas 1-6
Barrera Filas 1-3

Location: Calle Xátiva, 28 - 46004 Valencia

Category: 1st

Capacity: 10.500 spectators


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