Fallas 2024: The Farewell of a Legend

Valencia Fallas Fair. The last performance of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza. The Legend

On 15 March, Valencia bids farewell to rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza en la Plaza de toros de Las Ventas
Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza in the Las Ventas bullring
One of the key highlights of the Fallas Fair posters is the farewell from the Valencia bullring of, arguably, the greatest legend in the history of bullfighting on horseback. In the season marking his retirement after 40 uninterrupted years in the arena, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza begins his final tour in the Xàtiva street bullring. This won’t be just any celebration. The milestone deserves more. That’s why his performance deviates from the ordinary. It’s not just a typical equestrian trio. It’s an exclusive spectacle. Different. An event befitting the stature of the figure and the symbolism of making the last parade in this iconic venue, a temple where so many episodes of this art have been written, and where our protagonist has enjoyed many glorious afternoons. Among many memorable moments, one stands out, his performance in the July Fair of 2007, where he magnetized and expertly engaged a bull from Bohórquez, initially difficult but ultimately awarded a lap of honor after being handled by an exceptional team of horses, owned by a unique bullfighter.
Morante de la Puebla toreando en Valencia
José Antonio Morante de la Puebla, bullfighting in Valencia
A virtuoso like the Estella centaur will be joined, on foot, by the most genuine genius of the 21st century: José Antonio Morante de la Puebla. His interpretation, technical prowess, and hidden courage trivialize the stereotype of the artistic bullfighter. Morante is much more, as he has demonstrated over his nearly 30-year career. Also in Valencia, where he has a legion of supporters, especially after his performance with “Pajarraco” from Cuvillo, in a mano a mano with El Juli on the distant October 9, 2005. Surely one of the most inspired and original performances of his illustrious career.
And to close this iconic lineup, a youthful touch. Youthful, and local. Because Nek Romero is the most promising novice bullfighter from Valencia at the moment. In his first full season with mounted bulls last year, the torero from Algemesí was already carried out on shoulders in “his” Valencia, and also left his mark in Arnedo, where he cut two ears from a bullfight of Fuente Ymbro in the Golden Shoe Fair. The three of them form the most exclusive lineup of the entire subscription. A unique celebration, with a trio that has never before been assembled in the same event and will never be again. Everything is ready and set to ensure nothing fails. The hour approaches. Valencia dresses up in its finest. The Fallas take center stage.

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One of the most relevant posters in the Feria de Fallas 2024. Make sure you have the best seat for the farewell of a legend. Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza

José Miguel Arruego

Bullfighting journalist