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The Valencia Fallas, Festival of International Tourist Interest.

Discover all the secrets of the Fallas fair

The "Mascletà"

You can hate or love this show. It lasts like ten minutes, but such ten minutes! The best of the year, the best of 'Fallas'. They will make your hair stand on end from head to toe.

 "Señor pirotecnic pot començar la mascletá" Firecrackers everywhere with the only purpose of producing noise and getting a great dose of adrenaline.

The 'Mascletá' can not be described, you have to "feel it". Feel the echo of the windows of all the houses, the smell of gunpowder, the thunderous noise and how the floor of the Town Hall Square trembles in the final fireworks. To see it and feel it the best is being close to the fence, but if you prefer to avoid the crowd and being trampled, the best thing is to look for a balcony.


Mascletà. Plaza del Ayuntamiento



The Court of Honor. The Fallera Mayor.

The ‘Fallera Mayor’ and ‘Infantil’ of Valencia are chosen by a jury, in a democratic election. During the year of his reign they will become the ambassadors of Valencia, inside and outside the city. This year 2020 will represent us Rocio Gil of the ‘falla’ Plaza de la Merced and as a ‘Infantil’ one Daniela Gómez of the ‘falla’ Santa María Micaela-Martín el Humano. They will be accompanied by a court of honor formed by thirteen ‘Falleras Mayores’ and another thirteen ‘Falleras Infantiles’.

The Fallera Mayor of Valencia and her Court of Honour

The Fallera Mayor of Valencia and her Court of Honour


Spectacular monuments. The ‘Fallas’.

They are a true explosion of art, colors and imagination; they represent the joy of people that goes out to live and make everyone living the party. We can find from most modest ‘fallas’ to real monuments over 20 meters high that are part of the ‘Special Section’. Each ‘falla’ has a central theme and are surrounded by many dolls called "ninots".

Anyway, if you visit the city outside of Fallas you can go to the ‘Museo Fallero’, located right in front of the Museum of Arts and Sciences; it is highly recommended. The museum keeps since 1934 all the ‘ninots’ pardoned that have been saved from burning, really curious. Plaza Monteolivete 4 (hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00 am to 8.30 pm and Sunday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm; closed on Mondays).

failures monument ninot party march

Failures monument ninot, march party


Offering to the Virgin. ‘Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados’.

The whole city takes the streets to bring flowers to the patron saint of Valencia: the ‘Virgen de los Desamparados’. All ‘fallas’ commissions, all the ‘falleros’ dress up in their regional costumes invading the streets.

The mantle of the Virgin is made with thousands of flowers. Each year has a different design and is not discovered until it is completely assembled.

The Offering is made from 4.00 pm to 12.00 pm on March 17 and 18. Do not miss entering the Plaza de la Virgen full of flowers, it's awesome! The last bouquet is delivered by the ‘Fallera Mayor’ and just after that begins the "Nit del Foc", the biggest pyrotechnic show of the festivities.

floral tribute

Floral tribute in honour of patron


 Until next year! The ‘Cremà’.

The Fire of the Renovation, to finish with the old and to begin again. A whole year building the monument and ten minutes to burn it. Upon seeing it, the heart shrinks, more than 760 ‘fallas’ reduced to ashes. The ‘Fallas’ have officially ended.

The next day the ‘Fallas’ of next year begin to be prepared.

The cream of the monuments

The cream of the monuments


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